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National Flag & Display is pleased to offer graphic design and production services to meet the needs of our clients.

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National Flag & Display is pleased to offer graphic design and production services to meet the needs of our clients.

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Art Submission Guidelines Files < 10MB: For smaller files (under 10MB), please email the artwork to your salesperson. Be sure to Zip or Stuff the file prior to sending. This will prevent file corruption and improve the file transmission speed. Files > 10MB: For larger projects, you can upload files to our fast, in-house FTP server. Information for logging into our FTP server can be found below. Alternatively, you may want to burn a CD or DVD and drop it off at our office, send by courier, or through a mail service. If submitting files this way, please include a color hardcopy with the disks. Please send to our NYC address.

FTP Login

Please contact your sales representative at 212 462-4000 for user name and password

General Artwork Requirements Please provide a color printout, pdf, or jpeg proof of your artwork as you intend it to be reproduced. This will ensure that the placement and styling of elements and fonts are correct during production of your product. For proper color reproduction/matching, mark any items you intend to use as an exact color proof. When working with solid colors, please specify them in your files using a PMS number. We will match the specified PMS color using our CMYK breakdown of the color. Make sure your files are created in proportion to your desired final size. When assembling your artwork, provide us with the live area only; bleed is generally not necessary. Be aware of pockets, hems, or other finishing elements that your item may require. Please check to make sure that any stitching or grommets will not interfere with the live area of your item. Make sure to either convert all fonts to outlines or include required fonts with your artwork before sending them to us. When using page-layout applications such as QuarkXpress or Adobe InDesign, please use the “Collect for Output” functionality. Doing this will package your layout file with all necessary fonts and placed graphics. Vector Files – All logos, text and line art should be created in vector-based programs such as Adobe Illustrator. Gradients created in these applications may show ‘banding’ when reproduced at a large size. For best results, gradients should be created in raster-based program, such as Photoshop, with a small amount of noise added (3%), and then placed into your vector document. When linking raster images to your vector documents, please be sure to send all support files or embed placed art if file size permits. Raster Files – When creating or scanning images in raster-based programs such as Photoshop, use the following guidelines for the best results:

  • 100dpi (35dpi minimum) @ full scale
  • TIFF, EPS, or Photoshop format
  • Avoid sending and printing JPEG files if possible.
  • Save all files in CMYK color mode. (RGB files will be converted to CMYK and color shifting may occur)

Fonts – PostScript fonts yield industry standard results. Avoid using TrueType fonts.

  • Convert all text to outlines wherever possible for best results!


  • Usable if necessary fonts and spot colors are included
  • Adobe Photoshop (Mac & PC, Creative Suite 5 and earlier)
  • Adobe InDesign (Mac & PC, Creative Suite 5 and earlier)
  • Adobe Illustrator (Mac & PC, Creative Suite 5 and earlier)
  • Quark Xpress (Mac v. 6.5 and earlier)
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF

Transfer Media

  • CD (Mac or PC Format, CD-R & CD-RW)
  • DVD (Mac or PC Format, DVD±R, DVD±RW)
  • FTP (Direct Upload)
  • E-mail (Zip or Stuff files)

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